Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gingerbread Man

Here are some pics of the kids with their Gingerbread men. They each got to decorate their own! Jaden was sooo proud of his "bread man"! He thought that it was the greatest thing!

Jordyn loved hers... she loved it soooo much, that before they started decorating them, she took a big chunk out of his head!!

They also enjoyed eating them! After the icing hardened, I let them eat the feet off! It was HILARIOUS and messy. Jaden kept telling us he was turning green like "the hulk". So much fun!


Niecey said...

What fun. The gingerbread men look so cute, as of course do your kids!

**The Allisons!** said...

I can't believe how BIG they are!! They are so CUTE! How are things going for you and the new one growing? Blessings on you and Merry Christmas!